What we do

EAHA focuses on the following main activities:

– Raising awareness about the plight of Eritrean refugees;

– Fundraising for projects;

– Developing networks in Australia, Sudan and Ethiopia;

– Implementing projects in refugee camps and centres in Sudan and Ethiopia, with a focus on education and food security.

Current activities

Activities that EAHA has successfully completed or is currently undertaking include:

Raising awareness

– EAHA members have spoken to the media in Australia about the situation of Eritrean refugees following visits to camps in Ethiopia (2008) and Sudan (2010, 2011). In 2011 the work of EAHA was featured in The Age newspaper in metropolitan Melbourne, SBS Arabic radio (national), and Eritrean community radio (local).

– EAHA has disseminated video footage of camp conditions through websites.

– EAHA members have given presentations to community and school groups in Melbourne, Australia, using photos and video footage from camp visits.


– African Humanitarian Aid Festival (27 December 2009)

– EAHA operated a cafe at the Eritrean Centre in Melbourne every Saturday during 2010. The cafe was staffed by volunteers and proceeds were used for projects and EAHA activities.

– EAHA held a Presentation and Fundraising night on 23 October 2010 to collect donations and raise funds for four refugee schools in Eastern Sudan  – see link on right-hand side

– EAHA members have volunteered alongside local Rotary Club – Flemington – to raise funds through BBQs at local festivals, Bunnings and other events.

– EAHA was granted a BBQ trailer in 2013 with the help of the Rotary Club of Flemington and Moonee Valley City Council. This BBQ trailer will be used for fundraising and local community events.

EHA Fund Rising BBQ 1

Developing networks

– EAHA members have made visits to camps and centres in Ethiopia (2008) and Sudan (2010) and have developed local contacts.

– EAHA has developed a membership base of supporters in Ausralia, Ethiopia and Sudan.

– EAHA has registered (or is in the process of registering) as a non-profit organisation in Australia, Ethiopia and Sudan.

– EAHA has been developing links with organisations such as Rotary and Qatar Charity to advocate for these organisations to take on projects to benefit refugees in Eastern Sudan.

Implementing projects

– EAHA has undertaken a needs analysis and scoped projects in camps and centres in Sudan and Ethiopia.

– EAHA continues to seek funds and partnerships to implement projects in Sudan and Ethiopia.

– EAHA organised and oversaw the shipment of donations to four Eritrean refugee schools in Sudan in 2010-11.

– EAHA raised $7,000 in 2011 to purchase school stationery supplies and distributed these to 1,700 students at four schools in Wadsherifey and Kassala in Eastern Sudan. –  see link on right-hand side

– EAHA has raised over $5,000 in 2012-13 that will be used to boost teachers’ wages in four refugee schools in Eastern Sudan

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