Eritrean Refugee Schools Project 2010-11

In 2010-11, EAHA, in partnership with organisations including Rotary Flemington in Australia and Telawat for Development in Sudan, implemented a small school infrastructure and supplies project in Eastern Sudan. The outcomes of Phase I of the Eritrean Refugee Schools Project included:

• The purchase and distribution of AUD$7,000 worth of school supplies to 1,700 students to four schools in Kassala and Wadsherifey, Sudan. This included: 5,000 text books, 5,000 exercise books, 2,000 pens, 5 boxes of chalk, 2,000 pencils and 2,000 erasers;

• The purchase of building materials and construction of a 40 x 2 metre dividing wall at A’edoun School and the repair of a classroom (replacing one wall and the mud roof with galvanized iron, and re-wiring electricity); and

• A container of school supplies was filled in Melbourne in mid-2010 and was transported to Port Sudan with the intention of being distributed at four refugee schools in Kassala and Wadsherifay and a library  set up in the container (which was donated by a school). Unfortunately, in 2012 the container still remained in the Port due to unforeseen circumstances regarding customs clearance. EAHA’s local NGO partner, Telawet for Development, is monitoring developments with the container and in early 2012 advised EAHA that Sudanese customs had agreed to release the container for a fixed price and Telawet for Development will oversee the distribution of donated goods. EAHA will continue to liaise with Telawet for Development and monitor and report on the outcomes of this project.

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